Terms of Use

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  5. My communication with this website’s administrators will always be polite and culturally respectful
  6. I am aware that certain products on this website may have a harmful effect on my health, including possible side-effects.


  1. Always carefully read order instructions prior to placing an order.
  2. When placing an order, the order remains inactive until payment is received. Order processing beings within 24 hours of receiving payment.
  3. Orders can be cancelled and deleted at any point unless the order is processing. To cancel orders that are paid and/or are processing, you must request an order cancellation via support ticket.
  4. Placed orders do not reserve products available in our warehouse. Therefore, if the duration between order placement and order payment is 7 days or longer, you must verify availability of the requested products via support ticket using the contact us form or contact us page.
  5. If you resume payment for an unpaid order at a later date and the product price has changed, we will honour the original quoted price in your order.
  6. If you order several products and the total order amount doesn’t qualify for bulk discount order, please contact us and we will consider negotiating the price within the terms of our discount policy.
  7. Unfortunately, unforeseen technical issues may result in shipment delays for your order. However, if an order remains unshipped or unprocessed for seven days or longer, please submit a support ticket for information about reimbursement.
  8. You can use the My Account page to view order information including order status, order content, order history, and other relative order details.
  9. ‘Order Tracking Code’ and ‘Mail Tracking Number/Postal Reference Number’ serve different functions so shouldn’t be mistaken for each other.
  10. Unfortunately, we cannot reship any of your requested products if you have purchased other products by mistake and have not managed to inform us before they have shipped.
  11. Upon receiving your shipment, we require you to log in to the website, access order history and enter the number of received item(s) in the field next to the respective product(s), then select ‘accept’. This process informs us that your package has been successfully shipped and received.

Reshipping Policy

  1. All shipping delay dates are counted from the expected delivery date, which can be viewed in order history.
  2. If a package is not delivered within 30 days of the expected arrival date, then the package is considered lost.
  3. Please note that all complaints/inquiries regarding postal delays can only be submitted no later than 15 days of the estimated delivery date. Due to inconsistencies with postal services, shorter delays are regarded as insignificant.
  4. If a package is missing, you can only report it as missing 30 days after the arranged delivery date, and must provide a list of all missing items, the order ID, and a new shipping address to receive a reshipment.
  5. To prevent further issues with a lost shipment, we require a new shipping address when reshipping lost orders. Should a new shipment address not be provided, we will reship to your original shipping address, although we cannot guarantee delivery. Therefore, if a reshipped package is lost in transit to the same address for a second time, then we cannot offer another reshipment.
  6. If a product is no longer available when reshipping a lost package, you can choose to wait until the same product is available in our warehouse at a later date or accept a substitute product (up to the value of the original product price). If choosing a substitute product, we will replace the original product with a substitute product of similar or better quality using an equivalent brand/product range.
  7. If a package is seized and you receive a document informing you of the seizer, we require you to submit a support ticket with a scanned document of the file, while you must also send the document to our support team. Once we have reviewed a document confirming the confiscation of your products, we will approve the reshipping of the products, only if you provide a different delivery address.
  8. Please note, that the return to sender address on your package is fabricated, so any attempts by postal services to return your package to us will be unsuccessful. Therefore, if you want to return a package, you must submit a support ticket and include the reason for returning the order or speak to customer support to arrange a solution.
  9. If a package is not received due an incorrect shopping address, we cannot reship the package. Please make sure that all shipping information is correct prior to placing an order.
  10. A package cannot be reshipped if you can no longer receive the package from the provided delivery address before the estimated delivery date. Should you change addresses after the estimated delivery but fall within the 30-day grace period, you must request someone receive the order at the original delivery address or request a partial reimbursement (50% of the original order value).
  11. If your package contains damaged, missing, or incorrect products from the original order, then we will provide a free reshipment of these items.
  12. If products in your order arrive damaged or are unusable, please submit a support ticket to customer support, including photos of the products, labels, and packaging, so that we can resolve the issue.


  1. Prior to source any products on our website, we take great measures to ensure that they are original and meet all industry standards. We and the original manufacturer of the products guarantee their quality and authenticity.
  2. To report any quality issues regarding your products, please contact customer service as quickly as possible using the ticket support for or the contact us page, and include a description of the quality issue, providing images or video evidence where necessary.
  3. If you are allergic to any compounds found in products you have purchased and used, please consult a doctor immediately. Please note that it is the user’s responsibility to identify and understand the substance they have purchased, including all ingredients found within their products. All ingredients are listed on the packaging of the product – please consult this before using the product.


  1. All personal data collected on steroidfactory.net is handled in accordance with European legislation. The personal data of customers’ will never be released, even upon requests of foreign governments.
  2. You are responsible for determining the legality of purchasing these medications online in your country of residence.