ZionLabs T5 Advanced Fat Burners

x60 Tablets


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What is T5?

T5 is a powerful stimulant and fat burner that is great for achieving your weight loss goals. By naturally increasing metabolic function, T5 make it easy to lose unwanted fat, whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or starting a cut cycle after bulking

What Does T5 Do?

T5 features a blend of ingredients that work in synergy to promote metabolic function while increasing energy levels. With a daily dose of T5, you can train much harder while also burning fat, making it easy to hit your weight loss targets.

As a fat burner, T5 won’t lose weight itself. You still need to train and diet when using T5, although the supplement will greatly enhance your weight loss results. Suitable for weight cut cycles or general weight loss, T5 gives you the tools you need to lose unwanted fat.

How to Take T5?

T5 features 60 capsules, with a recommended dose of one or two capsules.

Because it’s fat burner and stimulant, it’s a good idea to take the dose about an hour before exercise. Doing so will provide ample energy for a hard workout while increasing your metabolism to burn even more fat.