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Tiromel (T3) x100 25mcg

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What is T3?

Triiodothyronine, better known as T3, is a synthetic thyroid hormone originally used to treat the condition hypothyroidism. This condition causes a slow metabolism, resulting in fat gain and various other issues.

T3 has a notable effect on the metabolism, increasing metabolic function to encourage faster fat loss. As a result, T3 is a popular oral steroid for fat loss.

What Does T3 Do?

As a synthetic thyroid hormone, T3 has a beneficial effect on the metabolism. The thyroid hormone is responsible for regulating our metabolism, so the more we have in our bodies, the better our metabolism functions.

By mimicking the function of the natural thyroid hormone, T3 greatly increases the metabolism in our bodies, making it easier to lose weight. However, you still need to train and diet to encourage weight loss.

T3 will make your metabolism much more efficient though, helping to increase the rate of weight loss when dieting and/or exercising. Basically, T3 makes your body much better at burning fat when training!

How to Take T3?

It’s always recommended that you start a T3 cycle with a 25mcg daily dose over a 6–12-week cycle.

You can increase your dose a few weeks into the cycle, upping to around 50-75mcg. These doses should be sufficient for most weight loss/cutting cycles.