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Pharmaqo Testosterone Enanthate 300mg


Pharmaqo Testosterone 300mg/1ml

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What is Pharmaqo Testosterone 300mg
Pharmaqo Testosterone 300mg is a synthetic enanthate ester of testosterone. A slow-releasing anabolic steroid, enanthate offers a range of benefits for training, namely faster and larger growth muscle mass, increased muscle strength, more endurance, and faster recovery.

Enanthate is typically used for bulking and can be stacked with other steroids for impressive gains in the gym.

What does Pharmaqo Testosterone 300mg do?
Enanthate increases testosterone levels in the body for enhance anabolic and androgenic effects.

The main effect of enanthate is faster, larger muscle growth when working out. It achieves this by increasing blood cell production while also boosting protein synthesis.

Because it helps produce more red blood cells, enanthate also greatly increases endurance and stamina, letting you train for longer and harder without feeling fatigued.

Another beneficial impact of enanthate is increased strength. Shortly after beginning a cycle, you’ll notice a big increase in lifting capacity!

Your muscles will also recover much quicker when using enanthate, letting you reduce times between workouts and up your training frequency.

How to take Pharmaqo Testosterone 300mg?
Testosterone enanthate can be taken on its own or stacked with other steroids.

A beginner cycle lasts for about 12 weeks, with recommend starting doses of 300mg, 400mg or 500mg. It can be injected once or twice per week depending on your training goals.

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