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Meta Dianabol 10mg


Meta Pharma Dianabol 10mg

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What is Meta Dianabol?

Dianabol has the distinction of being the first oral steroid, providing bodybuilders with an alternative to injecting steroids. Dianabol remains a popular steroid thanks to its incredible bulking properties, allowing you to quickly develop mass during a cycle.

What Does Meta Dianabol Do?

Dianabol is regarded for its bulking, being one of the fastest bulking steroids on the market. If you want to quickly gain mass and strength, then Dianabol is a great option for your cycle.

Most users report an instant increase in strength, with results appearing days after the first dose.

A few weeks into your training you’ll start to see some notable mass gains, and while some of this is water weight, there’s plenty of vascular and muscular development too.

Come the end of a Dianabol cycle, you’ll likely gain anywhere from 15-20lbs of muscle, while greatly increasing your lifting capacity.

How to Take Meta Dianabol?

Dianabol should be used as part of a bulking cycle, with most stacking it with other bulking steroids like testosterone, Deca, or trenbolone.

A typical Dianabol cycle includes a 25-50mg daily dose, taken over 1 to 6 weeks. If stacking, Dianabol is used for up to 6 weeks during an 8 to 12 week stacking cycle.


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