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Meta Pharma Decanoate 200

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What is Meta Deca 200?

Deca-Durabolin is one of the most widely used steroids in the world. If you want lean muscle gains and faster recovery from training, Deca is a great choice of anabolic steroid.

Highly versatile, Deca can cycled alone or stacked with a selection of other anabolic steroids.

What does Meta Deca 200 Do?

Deca’s main function is to promote lean muscle growth. It achieves this by encouraging protein synthesis while also increasing red blood count and haemoglobin levels. You can train longer and harder when cycling Deca, resulting in lean muscle development with minimal water weight.

Another huge benefit of Deca is its healing properties. The steroid promotes faster recovery times by helping joints, tendons, and ligaments heal much quicker. Joints feel stronger and less fatigued, allowing you train more intensely more frequently, further improving muscle gains.

Even small doses of Deca promotes healing, making it a good choice for most users looking to train more regularly without any fatigue.

How to Take Meta Deca 200?

As a slow releasing steroid, you need to take Deca in a long cycle to gain the most from it. A 12-week cycle is the minimum requirement for Deca, although most prefer a longer 16-20-week cycle.

Doses remain the same throughout the cycle, with a weekly injection of between 400-600mg suitable for most.


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