Evo Thermo Lipid Stack 50ml


Evo Pharma Lipid Stack 50ml

1ml contains

30mcg T3

30mcg Clen

30mg Yohmbine


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What is Evo Pharma Thermo Lipid Stack?

Evo Pharma Thermo Lipid Stack is a powerful oral supplement featuring a blend of T3 (30mcg), Clen (30mcg), and Yohimbine (30mcg).

If you want an incredibly efficient fat burner that is simple to take, then the Thermo Lipid Stack from Evo Pharma is well worth checking out.

What Does Evo Pharma Thermo Lipid Stack Do?

Featuring a combination of T3, Clen, and Yohimbine, the Evo Pharma Lipid Stack is one of the best fat burners on the market.

Clen and T3 are powerful stimulants that work in synergy to encourage exceptional fat burning in the body. These ingredients target even the most stubborn fat areas, making it a great choice for weight cuts before a competition.

Yohimbe is a natural ingredient derived from an African tree bark which is traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s also a natural fat burner, working alongside the clen and T3 to help with fat loss.

How to Take Evo Pharma Thermo Lipid Stack

Evo Pharma Thermo Lipid Stack is easy to take but should be used in moderation, especially if you’ve never used anything similar before.

Start with a single 1ml drop of the lipid stick, applying underneath the tongue, increasing to 2ml after upping your tolerance. It’s recommended that you cycle the lipid stack, taking 2 weeks on and off.


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