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Metenolne Enanthate 100mg


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What is Evo Primo 100?

Primobolan, also called methenolone enanthate, is an injectable steroid that is popular for weight cutting cycles.

If you’re looking for an effective steroid for weight cutting, Evo Primo 100 is worth consideration.

What does Evo Primo 100 do?

Evo Primo 100 is a Primobolan steroid derived from the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, sharing various properties with the hormone.

Primobolan promotes high nitrogen retention, allowing the body to maintain high levels of muscle mass when cutting weight. Maintaining mass when dieting and exercising is difficult, which is why Primobolan is so popular for weight cutting.

Another beneficial effect of Primobolan is that it is a non-aromatizing steroid. This means the steroid won’t cause water retention, resulting in hard, dry muscle definition after the weight cut.

If you want lean, sculpted physique when cutting fat, Evo Primo 100 is a great choice!

How to Take Evo Primo 100

Primobolan is usually stacked with other steroids as part of a cutting cycle.

A beginner dose of Primobolan is usually around 400mg, although you can go lower to test the effect on your body first.

Experienced steroid users typically up their doses to between 700mg to 1000mg, depending on what they’re stacking with.

In most cases, doses are injected twice per week to maintain optimal levels of Primobolan during the cycle.


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