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Evo Anavar 50mg


Evo Pharma Anavar 50mg

50mg x 60 tablets


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What is Evo Anavar?

Anavar is one of the oldest and most popular steroids on the market. First developed over 60 years ago, Anavar is now regarded as a great beginner steroid due to its relative mild impact at lower doses.

What Does Evo Anavar Do?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that known for its great weight-cutting properties. It increases fat burning while also preserving muscle mass, resulting in the hard and dry muscle definition that many bodybuilders love.

But Anavar isn’t just great for cutting – it can also greatly improve strength, endurance, and recovery.

So, when using Anavar to train, expect increased performance across the board, whether it’s cardio or weightlifting.

You’ll train longer and harder, meaning better results from your training program. By increasing recovery rates, Anavar also lets you up your training frequency, further improving your performance.

How to Take Evo Anavar

Evo Pharma Anavar includes 100 x 50mg tablets. These are larger doses, making it a great choice for intermediate and advanced steroid users.

Anavar is mostly used for cutting cycles, so if you want to end up shredded with a hard, dry definition then it’s a good choice.

Most cycles consist of a daily dose of Anavar somewhere between 70-100mg. It stacks well with other steroids such as masteron, trenbolone, or winstrol.


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