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Drostanolone Propionate 200mg


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What is Equilia Mast A 200?

Masteron Propionate is a fat burning steroid that can help you get rid of those last few stubborn pounds of fat. Great for bodybuilders on late-stage weight cuts, Masteron helps you hit your target body fat goals.

What does Equilia Mast A 200 do?

Masteron Propionate is a steroid used for weight cutting cycles, helping to get rid of the more challenging areas of fat. The steroid enhances fat loss efforts, making your dieting and exercise more efficient at burning fat.

It’s also known for not causing water retention, leaving you with a hard, dry physique that so many desire. While not the most powerful steroid – Masteron doesn’t help with mass building – it does stack well with other fat burners and anabolic steroids.

Masteron’s ability to enhance the effects of other steroids while reducing estrogenic side-effects make it very popular for stacking, usually with a testosterone and other fat burner.

How to take Equilia Mast A 200?

Masteron Propionate has a low half-life, with a cycle lasting between 8-10 weeks.

A dose of 200mg is suitable for a beginner cycle, although you can up to 400mg, which works for most people.

Masteron Propionate requires daily injections throughout the cycle, although you can adjust this to every other day.


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