Equilia Equia 200


Equilia EQ 200


Boldenone Undecenoate 200mg


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What is Equilia Equia 200?

Equipoise (EQ) is an anabolic steroid with many similarities to testosterone. It’s known for its milder androgenic properties, resulting in more moderate gains and fewer estrogenic side-effects during a cycle.

As a result, EQ is a popular steroid for beginners! It’s also great for more experienced users as it stacks well with various other anabolic steroids.

What Does Equilia Equia 200 Do?

EQ is based on testosterone, so shares many similarities with the hormone, albeit with much milder anabolic effects. The most notable effect of EQ is increased red blood cell production, protein synthesis, and nitrogen retention.

These effects are great for mild bulking, promoting moderate mass gains, along with improved strength, endurance, and recovery. Because it’s a mild steroid, EQ promotes clean gains with less water retention, leading to a hard, ripped physique.


How to Take Equilia Equia 200?

EQ is a versatile steroid that can be taken in various doses to suit your needs. Cycles can also vary depending on your goals and whether you’re stacking with other steroids.

Recommended doses for EQ range from 200mg to 600mg taken once weekly. Higher doses are suitable for experienced users. Lower doses are suitable for avoiding estrogenic side-effects and for EQ-only cycles.


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