Crown Primobolan 150


Crown Pharma Primobolon 150


Metenolone Enanthate 150mg


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What is Crown Primobolan 150?

Primobolan is an injectable steroid known as methenolone enanthate. It’s a popular steroid for weight cutting, featuring mild anabolic properties.

While available in oral form, injectable Primobolan is more powerful, providing more noticeable effects when injected.

What does Crown Primobolan 150 do?

Primobolan is a derived from the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, so has a similar effect to the hormone. One key advantage of Primobolan is that isn’t not an aromatizing hormone, making it great for weight cuts with minimal water retention.

Another notable effect of Primobolan is that it encourages high nitrogen retention, allowing you to retain muscle mass while cutting weight. It’s ability to retain muscle mass while cutting weight is the main attraction of using Primobolan,

Low anabolic rating means you won’t get any gains from the steroid – it’s just used for weight cutting cycles.

How to take Crown Primobolan 150?

As a weight cutting steroid, Primobolan is usually stacked with other anabolic steroids as part of a cutting cycle.

A beginner dose of Primobolan is around 400mg, taken twice weekly. Experienced users may up their twice weekly dose to around 700mg-1000mg.

Two weekly doses are recommenced to maintain high levels of Primobolan throughout the cycle


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